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Downloads: Public Sciomyzidae Downloads

Bibliography of Sciomyzidae
Bibliography of Sciomyzidae by William L. Murphy, Lloyd Knutson, Jean-Claude Vala, and Martine Fargier. Please send corrections to Version: 10 June 2018.
License: O/S: pdf Version: v. 10 June 2018
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Directory of Sciomyzid Workers
Directory of Sciomyzid Researchers by Bill Murphy. Please send corrections/additions, including your Skype address, to Version: 10 June 2018.
License: O/S: pdf Version: v. 10 June 2018
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Sciomyzidae records
The data in this spreadsheet are from specimens 1) examined and verified or 2) collected and

determined by William L. Murphy, Research Collaborator, Smithsonian Institution, Fishers,

Indiana USA.

The four sheets in the spreadsheet are as follow:

NonScios – flies other than those in the family Sciomyzidae

Non-WH – flies from areas outside the Western Hemisphere

WHxcludIN – flies from the Western Hemisphere excluding the state of Indiana USA

IN – flies from the state of Indiana USA

Collection abbreviations:

AMNH – American Museum of Natural History, New York, New York USA

ANSP – Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

B. Barnd – Brad Barnd, Entomologist, Greenfield, Indiana USA

BSU – Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana USA – Identification, images, & information for insects, spiders & their kin for the

United States & Canada

BYU – Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah USA

CAS – California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, California USA

CMHM – Cincinnati Museum of Natural History, Cincinnati, Ohio USA

CMNH – Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

CNC – Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids, and Nematodes, Ottawa, Ontario


CU – Cornell University, Ithaca New York USA

DEBU – University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

E.G. Chapman – Entomologist, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky USA

EMEC – Essig Museum of Entomology, University of California, Berkeley California USA

FMNH – Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Illinois USA

FSCA - Florida State Collection of Arthropods, Gainesville, Florida USA

G. Foster - George Foster, Entomologist, Columbia, Maryland USA

GLFC – Great Lakes Forestry Centre, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada

INHS – Illinois Natural History Survey, Urbana, Illinois USA

ISM – Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana USA

ISU – Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois USA

K.R. Valley – Karl R. Valley, Entomologist, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania USA

L. Knutson – Lloyd V. Knutson, Entomologist, Gaeta, Italy

LACM – Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, Los Angeles, California USA

NMSA – Kwa-Zula Natal Museum, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

OSUC – C.A. Triplehorn Insect Collection, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio USA

OU – Ohio University, Athens, Ohio USA

PADA – Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania USA

PMNH – Yale University, Peabody Museum of Natural History, New Haven, Connecticut USA

PURC – Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana USA

SMSU – Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, Missouri USA

UAM – Entomology Collection, University of Alaska Museum, Fairbanks, Alaska USA

UDRC – University of Delaware Research Collection, Newark, Delaware USA

UMMZ – Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan USA

USNM –National Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC USA

VMNH – Virginia Museum of Natural History, Martinsville, Virginia USA

VTEC – Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia USA

WVDA – West Virginia Department of Agriculture, Charleston, West Virginia USA

WVUC – West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia USA
License: O/S: xls Version:
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Key to the Nearctic species of Tetanocera
Key to the Nearctic species of Tetanocera. Modified 11/2010 by William L. Murphy from Fisher & Orth (1983), Foote & Keiper (2004), and Steyskal (1959).
License: O/S: Version: Draft: November 2010
Added: 05/11/2010 09:27 Downloads: 19570 Download (846.82kB)
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